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Absence Procedure

Useful Contact Numbers: School: 0161 624 9939

Mrs J. Knight Whole School Attendance and Punctuality Officer

Why does attendance matter?

  • 90% Attendance sounds good – HOWEVER!
  • 1 School year at 90% attendance = 4 weeks of lessons MISSED!
  • 5 School years at 90% attendance = ½ year of school MISSED!
  • 17 School days missed in a year = GCSE grade DROP in achievement. (DfE)

The Government places such an emphasis on good attendance that it has advised Schools that any student with attendance below 90% will be classified as a Persistent Absentee on School and Local Authority statistics. 
Our School is a Business and Enterprise College and wants to prepare students for a lifetime of success, by enabling them to progress to our Sixth Form or other Further Education establishments. The greater the attendance, the greater the achievement!

Authorised absence

The Governors approved a change to our Attendance Policy in October 2011. As from the 21st November 2011, once a student has accrued illness absence of 5 days or more (these do not need to be consecutive) medical evidence must be provided for every other occasion of illness absence.

Illness absence without medical evidence will be marked as unauthorised absence. Once this amounts to 5 days/10 sessions this will become subject to a penalty notice from the Local Authority.

Medical evidence can be in the form of the following:

  • A medical appointment card
  • A medical appointment letter
  • A copy of a prescription with the name of the child and the date
  • Medication with a chemist’s label showing the name and the date
  • An ‘unfit for School’ declaration or letter from your GP in the case of acute prolonged illness
  • A hospital discharge letter


Reporting absence

You should report your child’s absence by the start of the School day of each day of absence, using the School telephone details on the front of this leaflet and following the instructions on the answer machine. If you know your child is going to be absent for a genuine reason, please let us know in advance.

If you do not notify School on each day of absence, the absence will be marked as unauthorised. When your child returns to School after 5 or more days of illness absence, he/she should bring the medical evidence to Mrs Knight.

Medical evidence must be provided within one week of the period of absence or the absence will not be authorised.


CalendarMedical Appointment

Every effort must be made to arrange medical appointments outside of the School day, especially if they are routine appointments. However, we recognise that this is not always possible with Hospital, Orthodontists appointments and for emergency Doctor or Dental appointments.

If you do need your child to attend a medical appointment within the School day, he/she must bring the appointment card to Mrs Knight in advance of the appointment, so that we can make sure we know exactly where the student is going and how they are getting there, for safeguarding reasons. Students are expected to attend School before or after the appointment, depending on the time of the appointment.


Support for Students

Special arrangements can be made to support your child to remain in School during periods of illness or injury.

Examples include:

  • Studying in the Raising Achievement base, so that the student does not have to navigate stairs/paths.
  • Taking medicine in School, supervised by the Support Co-ordinator (details must be provided in writing, with authorisation from the Parent/Guardian).
  • An ‘early exit from lessons’ pass, so that the student can avoid busy corridors/paths if they are using crutches or have mobility issues.
  • Access to the School Nurse through a referral system.

Please help us to help your child!

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