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Academy Governance

Governor Mark LogoPlanning for a strong future for North Chadderton School

North Chadderton School is now nationally recognised as a centre of excellence and outstanding practice in so many areas. We are proud of the achievements of all of our students and we know our parents want the school to continue to improve standards and raise achievement even further. The school became an academy on the 1st September, 2014, so that we could develop a clear vision for our school. Our ethos and vision is continued with our mission statement "Driven to be outstanding in all that we do".

The Governors were proud to achieve the Govenors Mark in May 2014.


North Chadderton School – The Role of the Trustees/Governing Body

The Governors of North Chadderton School play a strategic role in the running of the school. This includes setting up a strategic Leadership and School Improvement framework for the school, setting its aims and objectives, setting policies and targets for achieving the objectives, reviewing progress and reviewing the strategic framework in the light of progress. The governing body act as a “critical friend” to the Headteacher by providing advice and support. Governors are not expected to be involved in the detail of the day-to-day management of the school.

The Headteacher is responsible for the internal organisation, leadership, management and control of the school; and for advising on and implementing the governing body’s strategic Leadership and School Improvement framework. In particular, the Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team needs to formulate aims and objectives, policies and targets for the governing body to consider adopting; and to report to the governing body on progress at least once each Term through the Headteacher’s report to Governors and through the Committee structure.

The Headteacher and staff are accountable to the governing body for the school’s performance. The governing body hold the Headteacher, Senior Leaders, Curriculum Leaders and Leaders of Achievement to account, by calling them to answer questions at the Governors Learning, Curriculum and Student Wellbeing Committee. The governing body must be prepared to explain its decisions and actions to anyone who has a legitimate interest. This may include staff, pupils, parents, the press, the Secretary of State and, where relevant, the Local Authority.

Governors must act with integrity, objectivity and honesty and in the best interests of the school and its future.

The Governing Body for North Chadderton School is made up of 13 governors including 3 trustees. The Governing Body is regulated by rules contained within the Memorandum and Articles of Association and the Funding Agreement.

Copies of these documents are available below:

Memorandum and Article of Association

Funding Agreement

Full Governing Body MInutes and terms of office - September 2014


The Trustees Full Governing Body
Meeting Attendance 16/17
Full Governing Body (Finance)
Mr Garvin Crabtree Chair of the Governing Body Appointed 1st September 2014 6/6 3/3
Mr Phillip Carnell Vice Chair of the Governing Body Appointed 1st September 2014 6/6 3/3
Mr Maurice Scott Trustee Appointed 1st September 2014 6/6 3/3
Ms Joy Clark Headteacher and Trustee Appointed 1st September 2014 6/6 3/3

The Governors

Date appointed Date resigned if applicable Full Governing Body 
Meeting Attendance 16/17
Full Governing Body (Finance)
Mrs Lisa Brierley Appointed 1st September 2014 6/6 3/3
Mrs Lesley Hampson Appointed 1st September 2014 4/6 2/3
Mrs Jane Lomax Appointed 1st September 2014 2/6 2/3
Mr Girish Mistry Appointed 1st September 2014 2/6 2/3
Mr Leonard Quinn Appointed 1st September 2014 6/6 2/3
Mrs Judith Rainford Appointed 1st September 2014 5/6 0/3
Mrs Tracey Scholes Appointed 1st September 2014 2/6 1/3
Mrs Beverley Yarwood Appointed 1st September 2014 4/6 3/3

The Committee Structure

 Chair of Governors: Mr G Crabtree              Vice Chair:  Mr P Carnell

Learning, Curriculum and Student Well-Being - (8 Governors) Meeting Attendance 16/17  Personnel, Pay and Resources 
(8 Governors)
Meeting Attendance 16/17
Mrs B Yarwood (Chair) 3/3 Mr P Carnell (Chair) 1/2
Mrs L Hampson (Vice-Chair) 2/3 Mr L Quinn (Vice-Chair) 1/2
Mrs J Rainford 1/3 Mrs L Hampson 2/2
Ms J Clark 3/3 Ms J Clark 1/2
Mrs J Lomax 1/3 Mrs L Brierley 2/2
Mr G Mistry 2/3 Mrs J Rainford 0/2
Mr G Crabtree 2/3  Mrs T Scholes 0/2
Mrs L Brierley 2/3  Mr G Crabtree 1/2
Advisory:  Mrs S North Advisory:  Mrs G Hindle / Mrs C Copson


Admissions Committee (5 Governors) Meeting Attendance 16/17
Mrs T Scholes (Chair) 1/1
Mrs L Hampson (Vice-Chair) 1/1
Ms J Clark 1/1
Mr G Crabtree 1/1
Mr G Mistry 0/1
Advisory: Mrs G Hindle


Significant Change Committee 
(4 Governors)
Complaints Committee 
(4 Governors)
Mrs L Hampson Mr P Carnell
Mrs T Scholes Mr G Crabtree
Mrs B Yarwood Mrs J Rainford
Mr L Quinn Mrs B Yarwood


Headteacher’s Performance Objectives (2/3 Governors)
Mrs L Brierley
Mrs J Rainford
Mrs L Hampson


Disciplinary Panels
Panel 1 Panel 2
Mr P Carnell Mrs J Lomax
Mrs L Hampson Mr G Crabtree
Mrs L Brierley Mrs J Rainford


Discipline/Dismissal (Staff)
(Unlimited Governors)
Appeals (Including Significant Change Appeals) (Unlimited Governors)
Mr P Carnell Mr P Carnell
Mr G Crabtree Mr G Crabtree
Mrs L Hampson Mrs L Hampson
Mr L Quinn Mrs T Scholes
Mr M Scott Mrs J Rainford
Mrs B Yarwood 
Mr M Scott 

Governor Links to the School Improvement Plan - CLICK HERE

Publication of the Register of Interest - CLICK HERE

North Chadderton School is part of The Oak Trust.

Headteacher & Chief Executive:
Ms J Clark

Senior Director of Curriculum, Standards and Effectiveness / Inclusion / SENCo Disadvantaged Students: 

Mrs S. North

North Chadderton School
Chadderton Hall Road, 
Chadderton, Oldham, OL9 OBN.
Tel: 0161 624 9939 


Mrs G Tonge
Mrs A Galgani

Chair of the Oak Trust Board - Mrs L Brierley, c/o North Chadderton School.
Chair of Local Advisory Committee - Mr G Crabtree.


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