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Consultation on changes to the Admission Policy for 2020

The local advisory committee have consulted with stakeholders on proposals to change the oversubscription criteria for admission in 2020/2021. The local advisory committee received three responses to the proposals, following careful consideration of the responses the local advisory committee resolved to adopt the proposed changes for the following reasons.

  1. The vision of the Oak Trust is to provide seamless education through shared learning, therefore, partner schools within the geographical priority area will attract a higher priority in the oversubscription criteria. The schools currently in the Oak Trust are Fir Bank Primary School and Thorp Primary School.
  2. That due to the difficulties in recruiting staff, the criteria changes would be an incentive to prospective applicants.
  3. The school has increased its pupil admission number by 30 students providing for an intake of 270 students in 2020/2021.

Admissions Policy for 2020/21

Admissions – Year 6 into 7 (Primary into Secondary)

Applications for Year 6 students going into Year 7 should be made through the Oldham Council School Admissions Department. For further information on this admission process please contact Oldham Council Admissions on 0161 770 4213 or visit

Further information relating to school criteria can be found in our Admissions Policies:


If you would like further information on the schools catchment area please contact Mrs McAuley on 0161 624 9939.


Admissions – Year 7 – Year 11 (In Year Transfer)

If you wish to transfer your child to North Chadderton School you must complete an In Year Transfer Form - CLICK HERE.

Once this form has been completed, please return to North Chadderton School.

Please note: If the year group you are applying for is full, your child will be placed on the North Chadderton waiting list.

Your transfer form will be held on our system until the end of the school year in July. If you wish for your child to remain on our waiting list you must complete a new transfer form each year.

For further information regarding In Year Admissions please contact Mrs McAuley on 0161 624 9939. 

North Chadderton School is part of The Oak Trust.

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Ms J Clark

Senior Director of Education

Mrs S. North


Mrs M. Meaden

North Chadderton School
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Mrs G Tonge
Mrs A Galgani

Chair of the Oak Trust Board - Mrs L Brierley, c/o North Chadderton School.
Chair of Local Advisory Committee - Mr G Crabtree, c/o North Chadderton School.


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