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Curriculum & Assessment


This page, and the links under Curriculum Maps on the left hand side, give information about the structure of the curriculum and details for each subject area within Key Stages 3 and 4.

If you require any further information regarding the curriculum provision in Key Stage 3 and 4 at North Chadderton, please contact Mrs S North, Senior Director of Curriculum Standards and Effectiveness on 0161 624 9939 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Curriculum Ethos

North Chadderton School offers a broad and balanced curriculum that will enable students to become engaged 21st century citizens. Learning and teaching is fundamental in everything we do; that students are given every opportunity to learn independently in an engaging environment is essential to us as a ‘thinking school’.

Our curriculum aims to:

  • ensure that students have the opportunity to achieve the best outcomes and enable future progression in learning
  • develop our students respect for views different to our own and to develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding and well-being,
  • challenge our students to think creatively and ensure that students and staff maintain high expectations
  • establish a community of caring learners who will work collaboratively to ensure that we can all achieve

Our Curriculum will:

  • adhere to all statutory requirements
  • be tailored to the individual needs of students
  • enable young people to become successful life-long learners
  • give students choice within a structured system
  • ensure appropriate levels of careers advice and guidance (CIAG)
  • provide opportunities to learn beyond the classroom.

In addition to supporting the aims, ethos and values of our school, our curriculum meets the statutory requirements of the Secondary Curriculum and the three key aims for all young people; namely that all young people should be:

  • successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve
  • confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society

Our taught curriculum is delivered through a weekly timetable with each day divided into 5 periods of 60minutes.

Curriculum September 2016 onwards

A curriculum review took place last academic year where we considered the effectiveness of our offer in securing outstanding progress for all our students and preparing them well to compete alongside their peers as they leave the school and move into Further and Higher Education and employment.

Following National reform around assessment and curriculum we proposed a move to a three year delivery for our GCSE courses, which would involve all subjects beginning in Year 9 and examined in Year 11. Bespoke Pathways are provided to ensure all students are suitably catered for in terms of their ability profiles. Following consultation with staff, parents and the Governing body these proposals were accepted. Implementation of this model began in September 2016 with Year 9.

In addition to the formal taught timetable, students have the opportunity to take part in specific learning activities organised throughout the school year which take the place of normal lessons. This will involve field trips, concerts, guidance sessions, citizenship, and extra-curricular activities.

Key Stage 3 - Years 7 and 8

At North Chadderton School, Key Stage three consists of years 7-8. Lessons are 60 minutes and year groups are split into two bands of roughly equal ability. At KS3 students are taught in mixed-ability form groups for most lessons with some setting where relevant (Mathematics, English, Science and MFL)

Students in Year 7 and 8 follow a broad and balanced curriculum which aims to set the foundations for their GCSE studies. Bespoke provision is in place to support those students requiring additional support around literacy and numeracy and the curriculum model also enables our more able linguists to study 2 languages

During KS3 students study the following subjects;Learning hours


This is taught as a discrete lesson to all Year Groups. Students have a 30 minute lesson each week focussed on the key SMSC topics. Topics will be relevant to the students, the community and the Global agendas. Themes and content will be bespoke to ensure appropriate coverage across each year group.

Key Stage 4 – Years 9, 10 and 11

The curriculum in Years 9, 10 and 11 gives students more choice but within an overall framework that ensures they enjoy a broad and balanced education. All students follow a common core of subjects and supplement this with a range of option choices (up to 4 in Y9, 3 in Y10, 11). A structured guidance programme ensures that option choices meet the needs of the individual student. Prior to choosing their options all students undertake a specially designed guidance programme which includes Options Evening advice, Careers based guidance lessons and an individual interview with a careers advisor before making their final choices.

Key stage 4 is taught across Y9, 10 and Y11. Lessons are taught in 60mins. The majority of subjects offer GCSE courses with some subjects offering BTEC courses. The courses offered are determined by the requirements of the National Curriculum with the all students following a core curriculum of English Language and Literature, Mathematics and statistics, Science and Physical Education as well as SMSC each week. All students are entered for at least 2 GCSE science qualifications.

The students also choose form a range of other courses. The following run if viable numbers chose the subject;

Fine Art  Three –dimensional Art Business Studies
French  Spanish Geography
History Film & Media Music
Performing Arts Drama Sports Studies
Food Products Information Technology Resistant Materials
Textiles Electronics  Graphics
Psychology Sociology RE – Philosophy & Ethics
Health & Social Care Triple Science Dance


The English Baccalaureate

North Chadderton School acknowledges the status which has been afforded the government’s school performance measure known as the EBacc and the impact this has had on option choices. The school is careful to explain to parents that the EBacc is a performance measure rather than a qualification. However, the school also believes that achieving the EBacc is important for our students and we guide the most able students to choose this combination of subjects, although it is open to all students. However we also acknowledge that it may disadvantage some of our students if they do not gain the GCSE’s within the EBacc. The school also recognises that a large number of students at KS4 progress to take facilitating A levels at KS5. As such the majority of students are encouraged to take those subjects that comprise the EBacc.

Year 9 Students follow a 3 year program.

Learning hours Y9

Year 10/11 students follow a 2 year program.

Learning hours Y10


This is taught as a discrete lesson to all Year Groups. Students will have a 30 minute lesson each week focussed on the key SMSC topics. Topics will be relevant to the students, the community and the Global agendas. Themes and content will be bespoke to ensure appropriate coverage across each year group


The post-16 curriculum is designed to provide all students with a structured and challenging individualised learning programme that supports their development and progression.  

We offer programmes of study at levels 2 and 3 and provide a wide range of academic and applied general (vocational) qualifications that link clearly to training, employment or higher education.  Prior to choosing their options, all year 11 students undertake a specially designed Pathways to Success programme which includes Sixth Form Open Evening, career-based guidance lessons, taster sessions and an individual interview with staff before making their final choices.

Our Sixth Form prospectus provides information about the study programmes available to students (approximately 30), the entry requirements and pathways, and the support available to students to help them progress through the Sixth Form and onto their chosen destination.

Students who have not been successful in gaining a Grade 4 in Maths or English have the opportunity to retake one or both of these GCSE subjects alongside leadership courses and GCE A Level and/or Applied General courses. This allows students to develop their learning beyond Level 2 qualifications and provides progression either to further study at North Chadderton Sixth Form or employment/training or education elsewhere.


The courses offered to students are listed below:

A Levels Courses:

English Language English Literature Maths Product Design
Biology Chemistry Physics Fine Art
PE Film Studies Media Studies Graphic Communication
History Geography Government and Politics French
Sociology Psychology RE and Philosophy
Business Studies Accounting Economics


Applied General (Vocational) Courses:

Performing Arts Music Applied Science
Sports Studies Health and Social Care Children’s Play, Learning and Development
Creative, Digital Media Travel and Tourism Applied Law
Applied Business Applied ICT


As part of the study programme, some students will embark upon the Extended Project Qualification which is a largely self-directed and self-motivated project which encourages creativity and curiosity. 

Work Experience

All study programmes also include a bespoke work placement in Year 12.  These placements help inform students with career choices, develop the relevant occupational skills and help instil the attitudes and behaviours expected at work.

Other activities within the Study Programme

Students also take part in a wide variety of other non-qualification activity including a personalised Leadership Programme which includes developing study skills and careers advice and guidance, the Ambassador Programme which involves numerous leadership opportunities including peer mentoring, debating and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and all students take part in charity work at various times of the academic year and raise money for a chosen charity.

If you require any further information regarding the curriculum provision in Key Stage 5 at North Chadderton Sixth Form, please contact Mrs A Greenwood, Director of Post 16 Education and Wider Partnerships.

North Chadderton School is part of The Oak Trust.

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