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Examination Results

The 2016 examination headline figures were as follows;

School Progress 8 Score -0.15
English Progress 8 Score 0.25
Maths Progress 8 Score 0.08
School Attainment 8 Score 49.45
A* - C In English and Mathematics 69%
Achieving English Baccalaureate 8.2%


Key Stage 4 Results

5+ A* - C Including English and Mathematics 66%
5+ A* - C 73%
Capped average points score 321
3+ Levels of progress English 90%
4+ Levels of progress English 60%
3+ Levels of progress Mathematics 68%
4+ Levels of progress Mathematics 30%
A* - C English Language 88%
A* - C Mathematics 70%


Key Stage 5 Results

A* - E    99%
Average point score per pupil      108.86
Average point score per entry 31.06
Achieving at least 3 A Levels at A* - E      90.5%
Achieving at least 2 A Levels at A* - E      99%
Achieving AAB or higher in at least 2
Facilitating subjects



Academic Qualifications 0.00 Average
National Average 0.00
Applied General Qualifications +0.6 Above national Average
National Average 0.00
Academic Qualifications  
Average Grade C
Oldham Average C
National Average C+
Applied General Qualifications  
Average Grade Dist*-
Oldham Average Dist
National Average Dist


Progress in English and Maths

English – N/A

Maths Progress 0.71 Significantly above National Average
Oldham Average -0.08
National Average -0.13



Academic Qualifications  
Percentage of students completing their main
study programme
Oldham Average 94.5%
National Average 96.1%
Applied General Qualifications  
Percentage of students completing their main 
study programme
Oldham Average 83%
National Average 87.9%



Students in Education or Employment /Training 95%
Oldham Average 91%
National Average 88%
Students staying in Education  83%
Oldham Average 75%
National Average 65%
Students moving on to Higher Education 74%
Oldham Average 51%


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North Chadderton School is a Single Converter Academy.

Headteacher & Chief Executive:
Ms J Clark

Senior Director of Curriculum, Standards and Effectiveness / Inclusion / SENCo Disadvantaged Students: 

Mrs S. North

North Chadderton School
Chadderton Hall Road, 
Chadderton, Oldham, OL9 OBN.
Tel: 0161 624 9939 


Mrs G Tonge
Mrs A Galgani

Chair of the Trust Board - To be appointed September 2017 




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