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Examination Results

GCSE Results

We are really pleased with our GCSE results this year and we would like to congratulate our Class of 2017 on their excellent performance. This shows the hard work and commitment of students and the dedication of the staff to support the students in achieving these results. We wish the students all the very best for the future and success on their chosen pathway.


Progress 8 Score -0.05
Attainment 8 Score 44.6
9-4 Grades in English and Maths 64%
9-5 Grades in English and Maths 37%
English at Grades 9-4 80%
Maths at Grades 9-4 70%
2 Science GCSE's at Grades A*-C 68%
Entering Ebacc 3%
Achieving Ebacc at grade 5/C or above 2%
Staying in education or entering employment 95%


IMG 9736


A Level Results


We are absolutely delighted with our ‘A’ Level results this year and would like to congratulate Year 13 students on their excellent performance. They demonstrate the commitment of the students and their continued determination to be successful.

 IMG 9691  IMG 9712



A*-E Grades 99%
A*-B Grades 46%
L3 Vocational Pass Rate 100%
A*-A Grades 22%

The progress our students made compared with students across the country;

• A Level -0.11
• Academic -0.11
• Applied General 0.21
• Technical Level n/a

The average grade that our students obtained at KS5

• A Level C-
• Academic C-
• Applied General Distinction *-
• Technical Level n/a

The progress our students have made in

• English 0.00
• Mathematics 0.57



 % of students completing their main study programme 
     A-levels   98.4%  
     Academic qualifications   98.4%  
     Applied general qualifications   86.5%  
     Tech levels   N/A  
Students staying in education or employment for at least 2 terms after 16 to 18 (level 3) study   90%  



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Students who are looking for college placements can still apply to the North Chadderton Sixth Form College.  Find out How to Apply.

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