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Raising Achievement Team

The Raising Achievement Team works to secure the most effective way of ensuring all our pupils meet, or ideally exceed their minimum expected targets, whilst also offering the appropriate care, guidance and support.

Senior Progress Leaders

There is a Senior Progress Leader for each year group whose main role is to closely analyse each child’s academic performance and to intervene where necessary. They are in regular contact with teachers to identify areas to concentrate on and employ swift action to remove any barriers to learning.

The Senior Progress Leaders for each year group are:

  • Year 7 Mr Harter
  • Year 8 Mr Birrell
  • Year 9 Mrs Sutcliffe
  • Year 10 Mrs Marsh/Mrs Healy
  • Year 11 Mrs Healy

The Pupil Progress Coordinators (Care, Guidance and Support) for each year group are:

  • Year 7 Mrs Kelly
  • Year 8 Mrs Cunningham
  • Year 9 Mr Ali
  • Year 10 Mr Harrison
  • Year 11 Mrs Cunningham

We also have a Leader of Inspire for students. Staff work with specific groups of students who require a bespoke approach to the curriculum in our specially designed provision.

  • Miss Crosby is our Leader of Inspire, supported by Mrs Harrop our Inspire Coordinator.


Academic Tutors

All students have an academic tutor. Academic tutors are responsible for a group of students within the year group. They are the daily point of contact with the student and will register students as well as offering appropriate pastoral and academic support. Academic tutors also deliver relevant SMSC sessions (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural) in the weekly extended tutor period.


Attainment and Achievement Co-ordinators

These staff members support the Senior Progress Leaders in monitoring pupil progress against their targets which are based on prior performance. They are available to support both you and your child on their learning journey throughout their time at North Chadderton School.

  • Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9) – Mrs Mushing
  • Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) – Mrs Robinson
  • Key Stage 5 (Year 12 and 13) – Mrs Hilton


Attendance and Punctuality Team

Mrs Knight who is responsible for daily attendance. We understand the strong link between excellent school attendance and high achievement. These staff monitor attendance and punctuality information, taking immediate action where concerns arise.


Senior Staff

Senior staff oversee the work of the Raising Achievement Team and work alongside the staff to support them in their role.

  • Mrs North - Senior Director Curriculum Standards and Effectiveness/Inclusion/SENCo Disadvantaged Students
  • Mrs Churchouse - Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Mrs Greenwood - Director of Post 16 Education and Wider Partnerships
  • Ms Westhead - Director of Raising Achievement KS4 More Able Students
  • Mrs Walker - Director of Training and Raising Achievement KS3

North Chadderton School is a Single Converter Academy.

Headteacher & Chief Executive:
Ms J Clark

Senior Director of Curriculum, Standards and Effectiveness / Inclusion / SENCo Disadvantaged Students: 

Mrs S. North

North Chadderton School
Chadderton Hall Road, 
Chadderton, Oldham, OL9 OBN.
Tel: 0161 624 9939 


Mrs G Tonge
Mrs S Hardman

Chair of Governing Body:
Mr G Crabtree (Correspondance to be sent c/o North Chadderton School)




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