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School Bus Information and Timetable

Expectations of students when travelling to and from school:

North Chadderton School aims to instil respect for others in all its students. Therefore, we expect students to display a high standard of behaviour when wearing our school uniform and whilst travelling to and from school, particularly when using public transport.

We expect students to:

  • Communicate with the driver politely and respectfully
  • Show any bus passes or provide the fare for any journey undertaken
  • Sit calmly on a seat wherever possible
  • Avoid any behaviour which may disturb the concentration of the driver, or may damage the bus environment, such as throwing food or tampering with the emergency exit
  • Refrain from smoking on the bus
  • Show respect for all other passengers travelling on the bus

Any student who does not adhere to these expectations will have a consequence in line with the school standards and expectations policy. This may involve banning a student from using the bus for a determined period of time. This is in line with Government guidance, which refers to school’s power to sanction students for “misbehaviour when the pupil is:

  • taking part in any school-organised or school-related activity or
  • travelling to or from school or wearing school uniform or
  • in some other way identifiable as a pupil at the school
  • or misbehaviour at any time, whether or not the conditions above apply, that could have repercussions for the orderly running of the school or poses a threat to another pupil or member of the public or could adversely affect the reputation of the school.



School Bus Timetable


837 Bus Service

There is a trial in place, whereby Market Street in Shaw will be closed on Thursdays for market day and, as a consequence, buses will be diverted.  The diversion for the 837 is via Beal Lane, Eastway and Greenfield Lane.  The trial is still ongoing.


832 Bus Service

A morning journey has been introduced on the 832 service and will be run by Stotts. This journey begins at Shaw, Wrens Nest, continues through High Crompton and via Royton to school. The return journey runs via the reverse of this route.


School Bus Fare & Travel Information

2018 School Bus Fares

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