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On the 6th November 2013 15 North Chadderton 6th form students entered the halls of one of the most important scientific facilities on the face of the planet. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) facility, at CERN in Switzerland, is where the history of our understanding of the universe is being written.

Day 1
After a long journey by planes, trains and automobiles we arrived at the Labyrinth that is Geneva Train Station and eventually, after some twists and turns, found our way out. The Youth Hostel was very accommodating and after sorting out breakfast passes, transport passes and room keys, we made our way to our first taste of Swiss culture ‘Fondue’.
“Just to check miss, 23Francs for cheese and bread, that’s it, CHEESE and BREAD!”
“Yes Josh melted cheese and bread”
It has to be said it was the most amazing cheese fondue any of us had ever had, and there was plenty to go around.

Day 2
The big day, off to CERN. The tram ride took though to the out skirts of Geneva which is a diverse and interesting city. We arrived well before our tour time which allowed us and opportunity to explore CERN excellent museum exhibitions. Then off to lunch in the CERN canteen with the scientists who work there. It was interesting to see the people of all nationalities and ages who work there. CERN is an international collaboration with scientist from all round the world working on a vast range of projects, not just the LHC.
At last the tour. It started with a talk from one of the Physicists who works on the Compact Muon Solenoid detector on the LHC, which is one of the detector that collected data to show the existence of the Higgs Boson. His talk was very good, it was interesting and funny.


Then we boarded the bus. The CMS detector is on the opposite site of the LHC and in France!! 20mins later we were there donning our hard hats and descending into the bowls of the earth. It was amazing. The CMS is massive, the picture speak for themselves. All of that technology and engineering is used to catch a glimpse of the tiny subatomic particles that are produced when they smash protons head long into each other at nearly the speed of light (that’s really fast 30000 Km every second!!). 
The tour was good through the guides were sometimes a little difficult to understand but they were using their second or even third language.

After an exciting day at CERN we returned with bags of CERN goodies and lot’s of discussion and questions.


Day 3
The History of Science Museum was great, but small and as a big school group we were only allowed to go in as two small groups one after each other. This wasn’t a problem though as the weather was beautiful (almost like summer) and there were lots of interesting displays and activities to take part in outside. The inside of the museum is filled with equipment from throughout history that was used by scientist o figure out how our universe works, including early static electricity machines, microscopes and telescopes. There were quite a few interactive exhibits too, but they took some working out as everything was written in French!
After a full morning spent at the museum we then headed out to explore Geneva including bus-boat trip to see the Jet d’eau, a the biggest water fountain in the world. Some souvenir (chocolate) shopping was last on our list before a long trains, planes and automobiles trip home.


Would you be interested in joining the School Choir? 
If so please ask your form tutor for more information

Below is the song by Gary Barlow which the School Choir will be singing. 

1.00 – 4.00PM

The School extends a very warm welcome to parents, partners of the School and residents within the Community, to come and see the now completed fabulous new School building and facilities.

Tuesday, 3rd September 2013 – 8.25am

A Warm Welcome to the Autumn Term and the New Academic Year to all Students Year 7 – 13.

Hope you have all enjoyed an exciting and safe holiday and look forward to marking the work you have been working hard on throughout the Summer.

  • All Studentswill return to School on Tuesday, 3rd September 2013 at 8.25am.
  • Entrance to School is through the front gate onlyThe back gate is on lock down and will not be a way to get in or out of School.
  • All Students must be in the building by 8.25am to enable you to arrive at your Form Room by 8.30am prompt.
  • All Year 7 Students are to go straight to the Hall when you arrive. Your Form Tutor will be waiting for you, at 8.25am, ready for Assembly with Ms. Clark at 8.30am.
  • Years 8 - 13 must go to their Form Rooms where your Form Tutor will meet you and give to you information and guidance about the first day back arrangements.
  • Please do not worry, there will be lots of Staff in the Exchange assisting Students who need pointing in the right direction.
  • We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 3rd September, 2013 at 8.25am looking smart in your uniform, wearing correct black leather footwear and appropriate hair style/colour ready for a new academic year of outstanding learning.


Enjoy the last weekend of the Summer Holiday!

North Chadderton is celebrating another year of outstanding results at GCSE.

The school has yet again exceeded its key target of 5 A*-C including English and Maths achieving a superb 73%. This is the nationally recognised Gold standard that enables students to progress to greater Post 16 opportunities. The school is particularly delighted with its English and Maths GCSE results – both above 80% A*-C, and more students than ever achieving the top grades.

Joy Clark, Headteacher, said:

“These results reflect the continued drive for success at the school. They demonstrate the sheer hard work of students and staff built on the ethic of Teamwork within the school. The positive partnership with parents has also played a key role in this success.

We look forward now to building on these excellent results as we move from temporary accommodation into the multi-million pound new School building from September 2013.”

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