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North Chadderton yet again celebrates excellent GCSE Results. Students have obtained both high achievement as well as high levels of expected and above average progress in the 3 core subjects – English, Mathematics and Science, complemented by high levels of achievement and progress in non-core subjects.
The Headteacher, Ms J. Clark and all the staff at North Chadderton want to congratulate our students on this fantastic achievement.
Our provisional data shows that all our attainment and progress data is above National Average.
66% achieved 5 or more A*-C GCSEs including English and Mathematics, 
88% achieving A*-C in GCSE English, 
70% achieving A*-C in GCSE Mathematics, 
69% achieved A*-C in both English and Mathematics
44% achieved at least 1 A*/A
24% achieved at least 3 A*/A
90% of students made Expected Progress in English
60% of students were above Expected Progress in English
69% of students made Expected Progress in Mathematics
30% of students were above Expected Progress in Mathematics
These results are a testament to the hard working Class of 2016 supported by the staff who taught them.


This year summer camp has been great! Each day has been full of fun filled lessons and activities that have helped us to prepare for secondary school.  On Monday, we started with a lesson of Spanish, where we learnt the colours of the rainbow and how to pronounce our names correctly.  Then we had a healthy, delicious lunch.  That afternoon we had a fun science lesson, where we were taught how to split up white light and do mirror writing.  We also made a kaleidoscope!
On Tuesday we started the day with an activity based on teamwork, we had to order ourselves into categories, played ball games and played games in which we had to travel across the room in different ways.  In the afternoon in English we learnt about Roald Dahl and had to make up a new twits character based on his famous book.
On Wednesday we started with craft and friendship, where we made friendship bracelets, reefs and quilts.   That afternoon we had a session on music with the National Citizenship service which was a lot of fun.
On Thursday Science was amazing and we made slime, parachutes and much more.  That afternoon was another session of music where we played lots of fun games.
On Friday we had a great time in PE and got to know our way around the PE department.  That afternoon we did food technology and made delicious cookies.
The whole week was very enjoyable, I've made lots of new friends and I can't wait to start at North Chadderton in September!
By Megan Windsor


North Chadderton School is celebrating its best ever results at both AS and A2. The school is particularly proud that almost half of all students for both A and AS achieved the highest A*- B grades. AS results have also risen to 89% at A-E grades. These results are a superb reflection of the personalised tracking and monitoring process for each student in the Sixth Form.

Headteacher, Joy Clark, said "We are absolutely delighted that these best ever A2 / AS results reflect the schools` continued journey of success. They demonstrate the hard work of the students along with the excellent help and guidance provided by the staff who taught them as well as the support provided by parents.”

School DaySept16

CPD & Department Meeting Time              2.40pm 4.15pm

CPD will take place on Wednesday. This time will be used to:
• Provide additional Departmental meeting time
• Allow Departments to discuss and implement initiatives/strategies introduced during CPD more effectively
• Further improve systems for intervention and Teaching and Learning (T/SNO)

North Chadderton School is part of The Oak Trust.

Headteacher & Chief Executive:
Ms J Clark

Senior Director of Curriculum, Standards and Effectiveness / Inclusion / SENCo Disadvantaged Students: 

Mrs S. North

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