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Here is our latest copy of our eXchange Newsletter

The school community has also recently exceeded last year’s fundraising total with £11,364.31p raised for Dr Kershaw's hospice in the 2014-15 academic year. Representatives from the hospice came into school where the students presented them with a cheque. This money has been raised mainly via the school sponsored walk, the summer bake off, Pi day and a book sale.

Hannah Shelmerdine in year 11 also organised a week of fundraising for a charity very close to her heart called HemiHelp. Hannah and her helpers raised £178.66 through break and lunchtime activities.

The student council are organising a Christmas bake off on 11th December and Chrismas jumper day on 18th December. The proceeds of these fundraising activities will also be passed to Dr Kershaw's.

The school council are also in the process of democratically selecting the school charity for 2016.

On Friday 27th November hosted our annual Awards Evening for our Year 11 and Year 13 Class of 2015 with Guest speaker Eric Bishyika. 

As Part of our Art GCSE course we went to Oldham Gallery on Tuesday 10th November. We saw many wonderful pictures and sculptures. We got to see lots of famous artwork, some by an artist we are currently studying, Kate Malone, and many others. There was also an exhibition of work by local people from Oldham. This work was very interesting and unique for example a guitar and a snowman with a child. Many of the artists inspired us with our own work, especially the clay work in the galleries store room, as we will be making our own pots inspired by natural forms.

Written by Sara Talukdhar, Alanah Wellen-Miles, Olivia Graham

North Chadderton School paid it's respects to day with a whole school assembly. Students were divided in the Exchange, Opera Space and the Hall where they all took part in a small service and acknowledged the minutes silence.

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